Impact of LIFE ReLiGHT on ZIRKULAR BAT Workshop: Moving towards a Sustainable Circular Economy

LIFE ReLiGHT had an outstanding participation in the ZIRKULAR BAT Workshop, held last 13th June in San Sebastian. This international event, focused on the circular economy in the battery industry, became an unrivalled platform for the exchange of knowledge, best practices and experiences on the recycling and reuse of lithium-ion batteries.

Rocío Palomino Marín, energy storage engineer at Capital Energy and project coordinator, was in charge of presenting LIFE ReLiGHT. Her intervention shared the challenges and lessons learned in the implementation of the project. Some of the key points of her presentation included:

  • Challenges and Lessons Learned: He highlighted the difficulties overcome during the development of the project and the valuable lessons the team has learned along the way.
  • Sustainable Mobility: The strategies implemented by LIFE ReLiGHT to extend the lifetime of lithium-ion batteries, thus reducing their environmental impact and contributing to sustainable mobility were highlighted.
  • Circular Economy: The crucial role of the circular economy in the transition to a more sustainable and resilient future was discussed, emphasising how the reuse and recycling of batteries is central to this process.

The ZIRKULAR BAT Workshop not only provided an opportunity for learning and sharing, but also inspired all those present to continue exploring new frontiers in sustainability and innovation. The collaboration and exchange of ideas fostered at this event is essential for moving forward.

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